US-Frightening Research: Hurricanes Will Be Stronger


Natural disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons and tropical hoses will be more powerful in the future due to the climate crisis, according to research conducted in America where natural disasters occur more than other countries in the world due to its geographical location.

According to a new study conducted in the USA, natural disasters such as hurricane, typhoon and tropical hose will cause more devastating effects as the world warms due to the climate crisis. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Department (NOAA) have studied 40 years of satellite imagery of world-class storms from past to present. As a result of this investigation, researchers discovered that the rate of turning storms into large hurricanes, whose wind speed rises over 177 kilometers per hour, increases as the present day. Therefore, researchers predict that future natural disasters will have more lethal effects.

“Compared to the past decade, the percentage of storms turning into big hurricanes has increased by 8%,” Jim Kossin, the author of the study, said in a statement. gave expressions. In addition, Jim Kossin said the research was inspired by other research that made inferences that a possible increase in the number of storms due to the warming of the oceans will be observed. In addition, Kossin stated that there is not enough old information to assess whether this increase was due to decades of natural cycles, but due to global warming caused by mankind.

Storms will have stronger and lethal effects
Stating that their research is worldwide, Jim Kossin and his team stated that the storms that will take place around the world will turn into big hurricanes, hoses and typhoons and will have more devastating effects and higher mortality rates. “The damage caused by hurricanes and almost all of the deaths caused by hurricanes are caused by large hurricanes in categories 3 to 5. Kossin will inevitably increase due to the possibility of more major hurricanes in the future.” explained with statements.

In addition, as a result of the research, it was found that global warming caused an increase in sea surface temperature, especially in regions where tropical hoses were formed. It is stated that due to the changes in atmospheric conditions and the increase in this sea surface temperature, more hurricanes and storms based natural disasters can be seen worldwide.


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