US, First Information From UFO Report: Aliens Existence Not Denied


USA’s UFO Report: The first information came from the report prepared by the US authorities regarding the UFO incidents that have been on the agenda for the last few months. As a result of the investigations, it was said that there was no evidence for the ‘alien’ claims regarding the UFO incidents in the report, but data that would cause the claims to be rejected could not be reached.

UFO images, verified by the US Department of Defense recorded by soldiers in the US Navy, have been on the agenda for a while. There are many different claims about the UFO images that attract attention with their high speed, maneuvering abilities and sudden disappearance.

One of these claims is the possibility that these UFOs may be ‘aliens’, as you can imagine. Another claim is that these may be ‘new military technologies developed by rival countries’. Both options are considered very important to US officials, and a report has been working for some time to clarify this issue. It was said that the report, which is expected to be presented in the coming weeks, does not contain any data that would clarify both situations.

In addition to these two important options, according to some claims, the UFOs in the images are the images that emerged in the experiments during the US military technology development studies, but the US officials flatly reject this possibility.

Over 120 events over the last 20 years analyzed

The committee tasked with preparing the report examined more than 120 events over the past 20 years. Incidents examined include the crash of a US military pilot in 2014, footage of a UFO making a huge impact on the ocean and dragging the waves. However, the first information shows that the report prepared after the examinations will not change much. Because, according to the information in a news published in The New York Times, government officials who made a statement expressed their opinion in this direction.

Accordingly, the report found no evidence that UFOs had anything to do with ‘aliens’. However, the authorities could not reach the data clear enough to completely reject these claims. The main focus of US officials is the possibility that countries such as Russia or China may have developed advanced military technologies that will surpass the US. The reason for insisting on this possibility is that both China and Russia are making large investments in hypersonic military vehicles.

Of course, in the shadow of all these statements, it is said that two possibilities such as ‘alien’ or ‘secret US technologies’ will continue to be hidden even if they are true, and it may be a US policy to turn eyes to Russia and China while keeping these two options secret. However, all of this seems to remain unknown for a long time to come.