US elections: Instagram withdraws recent country hashtags


There are about four days until the presidential election in the USA, and with that the big technology companies and social networks have been working so that fake news and its spread do not hinder the process. Facebook, for example, has tightened its political ad rules, while Google will display a results panel on its Search and on YouTube.

Now it’s Instagram’s turn to collaborate in the fight against false information, having announced on Thursday night (29) through its official Twitter account that the search for recent hashtags will be disabled during the voting period. Usually, when searching for a hashtag, the social network allows you to navigate between the Top and Recent tabs, the second being the target of the measure.

It is worth remembering that the action is only valid in the USA, with other locations having the features of the Recent tab maintained. It is not known whether the platform will put precaution in practice in Brazil as well, considering that the municipal elections are approaching, but there are great chances of seeing similar measures, since many of the companies have also moved to combat fake news here.

The Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) itself entered into a recent partnership with Google so that only verified results are highlighted in the Search, and for detailed instructions on the electoral process to be displayed if an election survey is carried out. The federal agency also established a collaboration with WhatsApp for the development of a pack of stickers that bring tips about the elections.

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