US election results: Wisconsin objection from Trump’s team


The conflict between US President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden is now coming to an end. According to the largely finalized results, for now, Democrat candidate Biden has 238 delegates and President Trump has 213 delegates. Who will become the President of the United States largely depends on the results of states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. However, in recent hours, Biden’s lead in Michigan and widening the gap turned the pointer to Biden. US President Donald Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien has announced that Trump will request a recount for the state of Wisconsin. On the other hand, Biden’s campaign team announced that Biden will address the American people tonight.

The countdown that has been going on for months in the USA is over and the critical day for the presidential elections has come.

According to the unofficial results of the 59th presidential election in the USA, US President Donald Trump increased the total number of delegates to 213. Biden has 238 delegates. In the presidential elections in the USA, the name that has reached 270 delegates, more than half of the 538 delegates, wins the presidential election.

According to the unofficial results released by the Associated Press (AP), Trump is 9 in South Carolina, 7 in Oklahoma, 9 in Alabama, 6 in Mississippi, 5 in West Virginia, 8 in Kentucky, 11 each in North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming, 4 in Nebraska, 8 in Louisiana, 6 in Arkansas, 6 in Kansas, 10 in Missouri, 6 in Utah, 38 in Texas. Enrolled 6 delegates from Iowa, 4 from Idaho, 29 from Florida, 3 from Montana and 18 from Ohio.

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On the other hand, Democrat candidate Biden, 3 in Washington DC, 3 in Vermont, 20 in Illinois, 13 in Virginia, 14 in New Jersey, 3 in Delaware, 11 in Massachusetts, 10 in Maryland, New York. 29 in Colorado, 9 in Colorado, 7 in Connecticut, 12 in Washington, 4 in New Hampshire and Rhode Island, 5 in New Mexico, 7 in Oregon, 55 in California, 11 in Arizona. Received 3 delegates from Maine, 4 from Hawaii, 10 from Minnesota and 1 from Nebraska.


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