US demonstrators destroy the statue of the Confederate generals


Demonstrators in the USA destroyed the statue of the Confederate army general in the American Civil War.

In the US state of Virginia, a group of protesters demolished the memorial of Williams Carter Wickham, one of the Confederate army commanders during the American Civil War.

During the protest on Saturday evening, demonstrators demolished 129-year-old sculptures and painted graffiti on the floor, CBS6 television reported.

The Wickham statue was erected in 1891 in Richmond, Virginia’s capital city. Richmond was portrayed as the capital of the southern provinces during the 1861-1865 Civil War. Wickham was the general and politician of the Confederate army.

In the report, it was stated that Wickham’s grandchildren applied to the municipality in 2017 to remove the statue of the general who “gained extraordinary power and wealth by exploiting enslaved people.”

Previously, Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam ordered to remove the statue of general commander Robert Lee of the Confederate army.


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