US city ‘turns’ Elon Musk statue to attract Tesla


The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has as one of its sights the Golden Driller. The statue, which is 23 meters high, represents oil industry workers in the region and has been in front of the Tusla Expo Center since 1966, a pavilion that houses important local events.

Statue gets Tesla uniform
This statue underwent a radical transformation this Wednesday (20th): the monument won a Tesla “uniform”, with the automaker’s name on the belt and the logo on the chest, as well as a mask in the shape of a painting with the face of the company’s CEO, Elon Musk.

The reason? The local government is in a strong campaign for Tesla to build a factory in the city, a move that would generate more than 10,000 jobs and bring credits to the current administration.

Tusla competes with Austin, Texas, for the possibility of housing a production line for electric cars – making the transformation of the Golden Driller into a fan of the company a very subtle irony. According to the newspaper The Star, there is no deadline for the location to be announced.


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