US Bakery Predicts Election Result With Election Crackers


Within hours of the 2020 U.S. election ending, a bakery in Pennsylvania predicts the election outcome with cookies.

The 2020 United States elections are very close to being concluded, and many are already looking forward to the results to discover who will be the new president of the United States, Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Despite this, the first results have already been revealed in a bakery in Pennsylvania, where the electoral cookies emerged, and which function as a type of prediction, where Donald Trump was crowned the winner.

Election cookies predict election outcome

A Hatboro, Pennsylvania bakery called ‘Lochel’s Bakery’ claims to have the magic bullet to tell us in advance who will win the election. Its owners claim they have successfully predicted the 2008, 2012 and 2016 election results in the United States.

The formula seems simple: the bakers make two sets of cookies, each with the color of the political party and the name of the respective candidate. The number of cookies sold for one and the other determines the winner, according to the entrepreneurs.

The bakery became famous after Eric Trump, son of the Republican candidate, learned of the forecast and personally visited the establishment. As for the 2020 United States elections, the “electoral cookie” protocol has not yet been complied with, so it is not yet possible to give the official result.

Donald Trump wins elections with cookies

In La Verdad Noticias we discovered that to the disappointment of many, Donald Trump was the one who was crowned the winner, since his cookies have reached almost 28,000 units, while those of Joe Biden barely exceed 5,100.

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What we can foresee is that by the 2024 election, Hatboro’s skilled businessmen will reappear with their bipartisan cookies, showing off their political qualities. And if that helps sales, whoever already remembers the taste.


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