US Approves Law to Completely Deport Huawei


The US House of Representatives approved a bill to ban the use of products from companies that could threaten US national security, particularly Huawei. The Senate will have to approve the bill to become official.

Huawei, a Chinese smartphone and mobile infrastructure technology company, has been harshly criticized and sanctioned by many countries, particularly the United States, for “espionage on behalf of the Chinese government in recent years. Perhaps the largest of these sanctions was the ban that prevented Huawei from trading with all US-based technology companies, which was put into effect last May.

The United States House of Representatives, Huawei, so to speak, with the decision taken today, the last blow. Parliament unanimously adopted a bill that prevented the government from buying products from Huawei and all other companies that would jeopardize the country’s national security. The bill will go to the Senate for approval this week. The bill is endorsed by both Republicans and Democrats and is now approved.

US wants to deport Huawei completely and focus on domestic solutions
Huawei is a very important company in terms of mobile communications infrastructure, and it will not be easy for US companies to replace Huawei. Therefore, the bill includes a $ 1 billion incentive to US “small” telecommunications providers, including the complete abolition of suspicious communications. In short, the United States will do its best to deport Huawei completely.

Korumak For the wireless future of the United States, it is very important to protect our networks from foreign interference, ABD the US congress said in a statement. Companies like Huawei pose a major threat to the US commercial and security interests because our communications providers continue their operations using their devices. “


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