US $ 1.8 Trillion Incentive Package Rejected

There has been quite a heated debate in the US Senate for several hours. The reason for this discussion was related to the vote of the 1.8 trillion dollar incentive package presented to the Senate.

This package bill, supported by many Republican Party members, especially Trump, was prepared to reduce the economic effects of the Coronavirus. If this bill was approved, many citizens would be given financial assistance and support would be provided especially to large companies. However, the bill could not get approval from the Senate.

Enough Yes No Vote
Senate members rejected this package bill after long discussions. Republicans needed 60 votes to approve this bill, but the bill was rejected for the second time, with 46 votes to 49.

Republican Senator John Thune was very upset that Democratic Party members refused this bill. Saying that the members of the Democratic Party “are still pursuing political play while the country is burning”, Thune harshly criticized the opposition side. Again, one of the Republican Party members, Mitch McConnell, said that the United States is currently experiencing a “national emergency” and that Democratic Party members “should be ashamed of them”.

Why did they refuse?
Republican Party members have prepared this package to mitigate the economic effects of the Coronavirus as much as possible and save businesses across the country. But why did the members of the Democratic Party reject such a package?

There are actually many different reasons for this. However, the point where Democratic Party members were most disturbed was that this package was mostly aimed at “large companies”. Members of the Democratic Party think that this package is inadequate, especially for small and medium-sized companies, and does not address low-income citizens.

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It is not clear how this $ 1.8 trillion incentive package in the US will be disapproved will hurt the national economy. It should be noted, however, that this bill has not yet been shelved. Democratic and Republican party members will continue to discuss this bill and try to find a middle ground. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin believes that this bill will be “approved” shortly. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is also trying to find a middle ground between the two sides and reach a compromise.



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