Úrsula Corberó shares what she hates most with social media!


Although present on social networks, Úrsula Corberó (La Casa De Papel) hates these new forms of communication.

Under each of his posts on Instagram, Úrsula Corberó receives derogatory and even insulting comments. That’s why she hates social networks!

If time passes, memories remain. Yes, nothing is erased on the web. Archives always end up surfacing sooner or later.

Thus, it is not uncommon for Internet users to share old photos of stars to remind them of their early career. And this for the greatest misfortune of some!

Besides, this is the case with Úrsula Corberó. Indeed, the irresistible robber in the La Casa De Papel series could capsize everyone’s hearts.

But this has not always been the case ! In 2008, the actress took her first steps on the small screen in the Physics or Chemistry series.

And the least we can say is that ‘Úrsula Corberó was much less successful at that time. So faced with these photos, Twitter users went there!

In short, many of them took the liberty of commenting on his physique. Or even to judge it. And it’s for this very reason that Chino Darin’s sweetheart hates social media.

There is nothing more difficult than reading malicious tweets about it. And for the past few days, Úrsula Corberó has been paying the cost.

Yes, the sulphurous Tokyo in the Spanish series discovered the dark side of social networks. In any case, this is what the young woman says in an interview for Blupper, in 2019.

First, Úrsula Corberó remains calm. “There is one thing that caught my attention on social networks,” begins the pretty brunette.

“When a person comments on something horrible under one of my photos, that he doesn’t know me and that, moreover, he explains that he is a feminist on his profile …”

Then, she loses patience: “The world is full of contradictions. But the problem does not come from us, it comes from them. We just have to learn to channel things. It is not easy. “


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