Ursula Corberó (La Casa de Papel) ready to get married and start a family?


Since 2016, Ursula Corberó (La Casa de Papel) has had perfect love with actor Chino Darín. Will they end up getting married?

In a relationship with actor Chino Darín for four years, Ursula Coberó (La Casa de Papel) is more than happy. Does she plan to marry him? The two lovebirds can no longer separate . And the least we can say is that it gets really serious between them!

Yes, Ursula Corberó has had perfect love with actor Chino Darín since 2016. Remember, the two actors met on the set of the series La Embajada.And in 2016, the pretty brunette decides to formalize their relationship ! Indeed, the sulfurous robber of the series Casa De Papel is not a heart to take.

But after four years of relationship, the couple does not escape the fateful question : will they end up getting married? So Ursula Corberó not hesitate to reply to this topic!

Indeed, Ursula Corberó confides in our colleagues from Gente, in 2018. The young woman, who interprets Tokyo in the casa De Papel, does not hesitate to give the substance of her thought.

Even if this one runs happy days with her lover , Chino Darín , the pretty brunette does not want to engage with him so far.

“With Chino, we live very well our relationship at a distance. When we’re not together, we talk to each other via Skype. I am very happy. He is the more introverted of the two and I am the more extroverted. ”

“Despite everything, there are a lot of feelings between us and we love to do things together. But for the moment, there are no plans to marry or have children, ”she says.

In short, she is absolutely not ready to formalize her relationship. However, the interview with Ursula Corberó dates from two years ago. Has the pretty brunette changed her mind since time?


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