Urgently: The NFL has released a statement on Deshaun Watson’s decision


Nick Cummett / Getty Images

The NFL released an official statement following Judge Sue L. Robinson’s decision regarding Deshaun Watson.

Robinson suspended Watson for the first six games of the regular season after she concluded that he violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

The league is currently reviewing Robinson’s decision to see if she will appeal in the coming days.

“We thank Judge Sue L. Robinson, an independent disciplinary inspector, for her review of the extensive record and attention during the three-day hearing, which resulted in her finding multiple violations of the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy by Deshaun Watson. We are grateful to Judge Robinson for her diligence and professionalism throughout the process,” the statement said.

“In accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the NFL or the NFLPA on behalf of Watson can appeal this decision within three days. In light of its findings, the league is reviewing Judge Robinson’s six-game suspension and will decide on the next steps.”

If the NFL decides to appeal the suspension, it will be heard by either Commissioner Roger Goodell or a person appointed by him.

The decision should be known by Thursday.


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