Urgent Use Permission Requested For World’s First COVID-19 Pill


COVID-19: An application was made to the US Food and Drug Administration for the COVID-19 pill developed by the pharmaceutical company Merck. The company sought immediate use approval for the drug developed in the application. While the results are awaited, Merck has already started mass production of the pills. Merck, known as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, announced that it presented the drug it developed to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to combat the coronavirus epidemic. In the statements made by the company, if the procedure for the drug for which immediate use approval is requested is completed, a new era will begin in the fight against COVID-19.

The coronavirus drug developed by Merck is taken orally. The drug, which improves the treatment process, has also yielded positive results in the phase studies carried out so far. So much so that thanks to this drug, the coronavirus was overcome on an outpatient basis, and hospitalizations were reduced by up to 50 percent. If the FDA approves, this drug will be actively used in all countries where it was purchased.

Mass production of pills started

*This is what the experimental phase COVID-19 pills looked like.

In the statements made by the CEO of the company, Robert M. Davis, it was stated that an extraordinary process has been passed and therefore it is necessary to act quickly. Stating that action was taken 10 days after the compilation of the Phase-3 studies, Davis said that they had to hurry to apply to the FDA.


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