Urban Meyer has made his opinion about Nick Saban very clear


There was a time when Nick Saban and Urban Meyer were the two best head coaches in college football. But as Meyer’s college coaching career came and went, Saban remained at the top as the best of the best.

During a recent appearance on Don’t @ Me and Dan Dakich Meyer shared what, in his opinion, makes Saban one of the greatest coaches of all time.

“Consistency, it’s extremely difficult to be consistently great these days, it’s almost impossible what he did,” Meyer said.

Every year it’s a championship or bust for the Saban program in Alabama. Since the creation of the current college football playoff model in 2015, the Crimson Tide has earned a playoff spot on all but one occasion. The SEC powerhouse has competed five times in national championships and three titles during this time.

Saban holds the record for most national championship wins with seven wins-one with LSU and six with Alabama since taking over in 2007.

Some people attribute Saban’s success solely to the elite talent available in Alabama. Meyer believes that the veteran coach has something else that makes the program so consistently successful.

“It’s not fair to talk about great players, there are a lot of teams that recruit really well, and just check the ratings, sometimes teams don’t play very well,” Meyer added. What I saw.”

Saban is going to start another season of fighting for the title in 2022.


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