Uranus and Mars line up in the sky this Thursday


If you are lucky enough not to be in a city like Curitiba, which insists on becoming cloudy at every astronomical event, you can, tonight (21), observe the alignment of Mars and Uranus. To watch the show, just search for the Moon, since both planets will be close to it.

While Uranus, the seventh planet in the Solar System, orbiting the star at a distance of 2.9 billion kilometers, will have an apparent magnitude of 5.8, Mars, just 231.1 million kilometers from Astro Rei, will be much brighter, with a magnitude of 0.2. In this case, less is more, since, for example, the Sun has -27.

Unfortunately, the distance between the two celestial bodies will be too great for the scene to fit in the field of view of a telescope, according to in-the-sky.org. Anyway, binoculars will be of great help to observers, since identifying all the elements, including the least sumptuous ones, is much easier with accessories of the type.

One more help

Need more detailed tips to know who’s who in this story? NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory provided them. When you come across the Moon, take a close look until you find out where the Red Planet is. Then, aligned to it, there will be a kind of bluish disc – which, in this case, is Uranus. In fact, it is not just the two who will participate in the parades to Earth. There are those who remain silent.

Jupiter and Saturn will officially continue through the sky, albeit hidden (if, of course, everything else isn’t). Taking a picture of the protagonists, be sure to share.

After all, many people will have to be content with what appears on someone else’s timeline, without actually seeing anything beyond what the eyes themselves can see.


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