Updating the Xbox app for PC tells users how long it takes the game to pass


The new update for the Xbox PC app provides many features, such as information about how long it takes to win games thanks to a partnership with HowLongToBeat. The Xbox update also includes other quality-of-life features, such as the ability to view trailers, screenshots, and more, as well as significant performance improvements.

Xbox is partnering with HowLongToBeat, a community-driven platform. Now the application presents four categories of how long it takes to complete the game, consisting of “main plot”, “main + add-ons”, “completion” and “all styles”. This feature is located on the details page of the available Xbox app games. As stated in the September Xbox update, this will allow users to get more information about how much time they spend on the game, which will encourage users to make more informed decisions about what they want to play and when. Earlier this year, it was reported that the Xbox app notifies players whether their computer can run a game, so Xbox seems to be looking to continually improve the app for its users, which may lead to more informed decisions regarding the games that users spend their time on. .

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Since HowLongToBeat is managed by the community, it is the players who will update these duration sections with their time by clicking “view details”. “View Details” also has other options, such as managing the game library, community reviews, and the ability to help other players. Detailed information about the Game Pass library will also be presented in such categories as “new”, “best rating” and “achievement hunt”.

The Xbox app has improved due to higher performance, as it is now reported that the app launches 15% faster than before. The September update notes that 99.9% improved crash-free sessions and improved response time to interaction with the application. It was also noted that search results improved 20% faster than before.

Community feedback has been mostly positive, although some players note that they would prefer not to see game time because it may affect their decision not to play a game that they would otherwise like if the game is too short or too long. Nevertheless, the improved performance of the application is a sufficient reason for joy, especially considering that the Xbox application now supports mods. This update may also encourage players to try new games if they need a new long-term experience or a few shorter games in a fast manner.


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