Updated Google Photos for Android


Photo gallery and backup service of the search giant, Google Photos is used by a significant part of Android users for convenience, despite being about to lose unlimited storage, and is receiving constant improvements. The service was redesigned on smartphones and desktop computers, gained a new, more minimalist logo and has been increasingly integrated with Google Maps.

Now, about six months after receiving a new look on mobile phones, Google Photos is finally updated with an interface optimized for tablets. The new version brings an organization that resembles what is seen on the desktop and takes better advantage of the wider screen with a side navigation bar and previews of the bigger photos.

Highlight also goes to the new search bar at the top, accompanied by the profile photo and the button for transmission via Chromecast. Interestingly, some extra modifications can be seen on Chromebooks, which use the same version of the app, with a button for uploading files, with direct access to the System Files application.

Another unique novelty for tablets is the new side menu of functions, which in addition to bringing the Photos, Explore and Library options seen on smartphones, takes advantage of the extra space with the Sharing, On Device, Utility, Files and Trash tabs, all of which are included. in the Library section on smartphones.

The new interface for Google Photos on tablets appears to be linked to version 5.25 of the app, but is not yet widely available. In addition, the redesigned look has not yet been released for iPadOS, with no availability information.

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