Update on the Website of GTA 6 that Increases the Excitement of Gamers


The website received for GTA 6 and referring to Rockstar Games when it was entered, was updated on March 23. After the update, the website’s failure to redirect to Rockstar Games and turn off access completely excited gamers.

Rockstar Games, one of the most important names in the video game industry, remains on the agenda of gamers. Because the claims made in a row made us think that the company was prepared to announce GTA 6.

Some allegations about GTA 6 have revealed that the game will be announced on March 25. In fact, the fact that this date is mentioned more than once has put gamers in high expectation. As of this time, Rockstar Games has made no explanation. However, the recent update of a website created about GTA 6 caused great excitement.

Take-Two Interactive, one of the publishers of GTA, owns the domain name of the website “www.gtavi.com”. When users accessed this website in the past, they were redirected to Rockstar Games’ original website. However, this is no longer the case. Because an update made on March 23, removed both the referral of this website and completely closed the access to the site.

Change to the website of GTA 6
When we look at the image above, we can clearly see that the website in question was last updated on March 23. However, it is not currently possible to know what this update is about. The only thing we know about the website in question is that we can no longer access Rockstar Games’ official website via this site.

Some internet users waiting for GTA 6 with great enthusiasm state that this development may be related to the launch preparation of GTA 6. According to some users, this expectation is an empty enthusiasm and this update is just an automatic database update.


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