Update to iMovie iOS app, suitable for iPhone 12 Pro


One of the most striking features of iPhone 12 Pro is its ability to record Dolby Vision HDR video. With this feature, users can record 60fps videos rich in shadows and highlights. Apple also updated the iMovie iOS app with HDR support just before the iPhone 12 Pro was released.

This way, users will be able to watch, view and share HDR videos directly on the phone, even on older iPhone models. The list of devices that can benefit from iMovie’s HDR support is listed as follows: iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and later models, fifth generation iPad mini, seventh generation iPad and later models, iPad Air 3 and later models, Models released on iPad Pro 10.5 and later.

Users will also see a new options button at the top of the share page. This button allows users to select criteria such as video resolution, frame rate and HDR. However, to share 4K 60fps video, one of Apple’s new devices is required.

With the update, users are offered a tool that allows users to add new animated titles, add monochrome or variable backgrounds to videos, and adjust the filter density.

Apple has also updated GarageBand’s iPhone and iPad apps as well as the iMovie iOS app. Among the new features of the application are features such as long pressing the icon on the home screen to start recording and extend the song durations.


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