Update to end the era of ‘sending emails by mistake’ for Gmail!


With the changes made for Gmail, you will more easily understand who you are sending mail to.


Google has made new updates for the Gmail service within Workspace. The Receiver on the platform has changed the CC and BCC fields. Stating that it will prevent users from sending e-mails to the wrong recipients, they will enable them to create them more efficiently and securely, and conveyed these innovations to managers, developers and end users.

Millions of Gmail users accidentally send emails to anyone other than their intended recipient, without realizing it. With the visual changes it made in the editor section on the Google platform, it has made it easier to understand who the people you will send mail are to. It also started adding alerts to prevent you from sending spam emails.

Gmail will let you change the recipient name

You can now specifically change the way a recipient’s name appears in Gmail. For example, you have a person registered as “HR Specialist”, but you want to temporarily show that person under a different name to other recipients in the email. You can choose the name you want from the new menu added to the platform.

You can change how a recipient’s name is displayed in email

The people to whom the email will be sent will have an avatar

Each person will now have an avatar chip in the receiver, CC and BCC parts. It will appear in a circle next to your email address and name. Google explained that thanks to these indicators, users can better identify the recipients attached to the email.

Each person’s avatar will appear in the recipient, BC and BCC sections

In fact, at the moment, you can see and control who you are sending e-mails to by looking at the e-mail addresses of the people. However, there is a danger that addresses may be momentarily overlooked, which could lead you to accidentally send an email to the wrong person. Google stated that it aims to solve this problem with its new arrangement.

Gmail will highlight recipients you don’t have registered with

As part of the Workspace update, Google also made a change that concerns administrators. If you use Gmail in bulk as a business, “not registered with your organization” will now be highlighted among the email addresses added to the recipients section. Google will warn you that the person in question is not attached to you.

You will gain a better understanding of the people with whom you have previously communicated

Different domains within the same organization will not be marked as “external”. E.g; Suppose there are two email extensions @y.com and @z.com affiliated with company X. Although these may have different domain names, they will not be considered “external” to each other as they are affiliated with the same organization.

Google stated that all innovations in the Gmail service are available, but it may take up to 15 days to appear in you. So how did you find the innovations? You can express your ideas in the comments.


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