Update on Elden Ring’s website details game lore in new text


Elden Ring: After years of nothing new, Elden Ring stole the show at the June appearances this year when it finally had its release date revealed, along with a new trailer showing how well the game will be. Now, to keep the hype high, Bandai Namco has updated the game’s official website with a new description that details the setting and some gameplay possibilities well.

The text begins by talking about the Shattering, an event that happened long before the game started, and resulted in the destruction of the Pristino Ring (Elden Ring). Demigods use fragments of the ring to gain power and war with each other in these devastated places known as the Midlands.

The player arrives in the region as a Tarnished, descendant of a people who inhabited the Middlelands in a prosperous past, but who were banned many years ago. The protagonist then returns to retrieve the fragments of the ring and become the Lord Pristino (Elden Lord), fulfilling the destiny promised to him in legends.

The game description continues in this epic story tone, but it speaks a bit of gameplay as well: “Like a Tawny, the Middlelands await your exploration. You’ll ride through its vast fields, gallop over hills and leap to the top of cliffs on his ephemeral steed, revealing a world full of life and danger”.

Elsewhere, the text also points out that it is possible to play stealthily and highlights the numerous character builds that the player can do, focusing on different character attributes. Also mentioned are non-combat NPCs in the game, who can help the player if they are helped first.

Finally, as it should be in a From Software game, it is mentioned that the player must die a few times in the game. “And yes, you can die. But you will return to fight again. Because that’s how a champion – or a lord – is born.”


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