Update of the sequel of the film Face/Off 2 from the director


Face/Off 2 director Adam Wingard presents the updated script of the film and talks about Nicolas Cage’s commitment to the sequel. In 1997, Cage starred as Castor Troy, a bloodthirsty thief in law, in John Wu’s action movie “Without a Face”. In an attempt to find the location of a nuclear bomb planted by Troy, ruthless FBI special agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) undergoes an experimental procedure for exchanging faces with a criminal. However, Troy breaks free after surgery and accepts Archer’s life, while an undercover agent must find a way to regain his identity.

Paramount Pictures officially announced the film in 2019, however, Wingard was not shown until February 2021. The director of the film “Godzilla vs Kong” previously shared his intention to make the film a direct sequel to the original film with the desire to bring Cage back. and Travolta to reprise their roles. Cage also announced that he is currently in talks with the studio, as Cage had previously confirmed his desire to participate in Face/Off 2.

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In a recent interview with Empire, Wingard spoke about the development of the sequel Face / Off. The director confirmed his desire for Cage to reprise his role of Troy due to the fact that the actor became famous thanks to such films as “Pig” and “The Unbearable weight of a huge talent.” Wingard also explained that they are still working on the script because they want the story to be as close as possible to the original film. Read below what the director said.

“He just had such a moment. Even before “Pig” came out, we saw it as a Nicolas Cage movie. Now it has become quite obvious. A couple of years ago, the studio might have wanted a hot, young, budding actor or something like that. Now Nicolas Cage has become one of the hottest actors in Hollywood again.”

“We’re really honing [the script]. We’re not going to share it until everyone says, “That’s him.” I think we really understood him. It was probably the most difficult scenario we’ve ever done. that I’ve ever worked on, for many reasons. The desire to make sure that he lives up to the legacy of this project causes enormous pressure. – ha! This is really what Face/Off is!”

Wingard is currently working with writer and frequent collaborator Simon Barrett on the script for the film “Without a Face 2”. Wingard cites the need to exactly match the original film as the reason why it is so difficult for them to write a script. But he also seems to feel grateful that Cage has recently experienced a period of great success due to his recent film series and the positive re-evaluation of the star’s films during his direct-to-video release. This revival of Cage opened the door to what, according to Wingard, should be a direct continuation of the classic 1997 action movie.

In connection with the popular trend of creating sequels and restarts, filmmakers strive to create something fresh and original, while trying to remain familiar with the original film. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was highly praised by the cast, while its almost copy of the plot of “New Hope” was not liked by many critics. Trying to create a new story while remaining faithful to the original is not an easy task, especially if the main villain died at the end of the original, but Wingard seems to have accepted this task while trying to make Face/Off 2.