Update of the movie “Peaky Blinders” from Tommy Shelby, actor Cillian Murphy


Cillian Murphy, the star of “Peaky Blinders,” shares news about what awaits his character Tommy Shelby in the future, including a potential movie “Peaky Blinders.” The action of “Sharp Visors” takes place in Birmingham, England, immediately after the First World War, and follows the criminal group “Sharp Visors”. Murphy is a gang leader known for his ambition and resourcefulness, as he faces several rivals throughout the series.

The series premiered in 2013, it was created by Stephen Knight, who also writes scripts. Over the years, the BBC One show, which is also available on Netflix, has won several awards, including the BAFTA Award for Best Drama Series. The premiere of the sixth and final season of “Sharp Visors” on Netflix took place on June 10 and includes both prohibition in America and the rise of fascism in Europe that preceded World War II.

Now Murphy is discussing in an interview with Deadline the possibility of creating a film “Peaky Blinders”. Murphy says he doesn’t know anything about the film yet, but also notes that it would be useful for the cast and crew to take a break between the sixth season of “Peaky Blinders” and possible filming of the film. Murphy says that if the movie “Peaky Blinders” works in the future, he wants to be a part of it. Murphy’s full quote discussing a possible “Peaky Blinders” movie can be read below:

“[I know] Nothing special, and I would be as excited as anyone to read the script. But I think it’s good for everyone to take a little break. It’s always useful, and then we can regroup. Steve is insanely busy. “and a sought-after writer, but I know that most of all he likes to write about Peaks, I’m sure he told you the same thing. He loves it. be there.”

Although Murphy does not have specific details at the moment about what the plot of the film “Peaky Blinders” will entail, Knight said in an interview with Variety in October 2021 that he plans to write the script of the film “Peaky Blinders” to complete the story. he started in 2013. In an interview, Knight says he plans for the film to be set in Birmingham, and he expects the film to start in 2023. A production start date in 2023 would certainly give Murphy a welcome break before filming the film. although fans of the series will strive to ensure that the movie “Peaky Blinders” is released as soon as possible.

Since the chronology of the 6th season of “Sharp Visors” continues until the 1930s, including the rise of fascism in Europe, there is a possibility that the action of the film “Sharp Visors” will take place during World War II. If the action of the film takes place during the Second World War, especially if it happens shortly before its end, then this will be a kind of closing of the circle, since the beginning of the series takes place immediately after the First World War. Knight keeps the details of the plot of the film “Peaky Blinders” to himself, and fans of the critically acclaimed historical drama will have to keep an eye on new information about the next chapter of Tommy Shelby’s life.