Update is ready for Microsoft Your Phone app


The coverage of the “Apps” feature of the Microsoft Your Phone app goes beyond the Insider program. The feature in question will soon be available to anyone with a supporting phone. Thanks to this feature, Android applications can be run in their own private windows on Windows 10 PCs. Previously, this process was done with screen mirroring.

Deployment of the updated Your Phone application has started. However, it is stated that it may take up to 48 hours for the update to reach all users. After the update is installed, the “Applications” tab will be seen on the left of the screen.

When this tab is opened, the list of all applications available on the phone will be shown on the right side of the screen. When one of these applications is clicked, it will be run as if it were a native application on the PC. Users will be able to pin the application icon to the taskbar for quick access.

For now, users can run a single application using this feature. However, Microsoft is preparing to run more than one application simultaneously.

The “Applications” feature offered in your Microsoft Phone will initially be compatible only with some Samsung phones (New flagships and A series) and Surface Duo. You can find the list of compatible devices here.

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