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As you may know, iOS 14 is just around the corner. Its exit is not yet clear to the general public, although it will most likely appear next to the next iPhone 12. Apple will prepare a special event to show all its features, including its new and renewed operating system. For now, the beta is the only thing that brings us closer to the software and we have good news since Apple has solved the problem of the default mail and Internet apps.

iOS 14 reset the default email and Internet apps

As we mentioned at the beginning, the only way to experience iOS 14 is to have the beta installed on your smartphone. It is not yet the final version, so installing it means having the latest with all the bugs yet to be known. This is how things can happen to you like the one we mentioned earlier this week when we told you that the default Internet and mail apps were resetting. Yes, we gave you a solution, although doing this all the time is a bit burdensome.

Your choice of apps remains

Best of all, Apple still has time to receive user reports with known and emerging issues. In this way, when the operating system comes out officially, it will do so with the fewest possible bugs, or at least with the most cumbersome ones already solved so that the use of its terminals is correct at all times.

Among these errors is the one that Internet and mail apps were reset. This bug automatically changed the application that you had established by default in both fields, something common among users of a smartphone whatever the brand. The operating system modified the configuration making it impossible for you to read your messages or for a link to open in the browser you usually use.

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