Update in June Slowed Windows 10


Microsoft has confirmed the existence of a problem with Windows 10. The problem that comes with the batch update KB4559309, which started to be distributed in June, slows down Windows 10 seriously. According to the statements, Microsoft is working to fix the problem.

It goes without saying that the US-based technology giant Microsoft does not confirm the existence of a new Windows 10 problem. The statement, which Microsoft brought together users and officials in a forum that proceeds in the form of question and answer, reveals the existence of a new problem in Windows 10. It is currently unknown when the problem in question will be resolved.

Microsoft sent a batch update “KB4559309” to Windows 10 users in June. The most striking aspect of this update is that the Chromium-based Edge is offered directly to users. In other words, the new Edge, which was released in January, if it was not installed until now, the update coded KB4559309 automatically installed the new internet browser. However, it seems that the faster browser has caused Windows 10 to slow down.

Users have already been talking about this bulk update issue for a while. One of the problems reported in this context was the slowdown in computers after the update. Users complained about the slowness that occurred especially during the boot. In addition, applications opened later, were running slower and there were several performance issues. A Microsoft official explained that such a problem really exists.

The statements made by Microsoft officials did not mention why the problem was caused. However, the officials, who stated that Edge’s developer team was being discussed, announced that work was started to fix the problem. So how can Windows 10 users deal with this problem until the problem is fixed?

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Windows 10 users find the solution by removing this update when they have problems with the updates. However, this does not apply to update KB4559309. Because the update in question cannot be removed. If you want to get rid of this update, all you can do is use the “System Restore” tool.

If you are a Windows 10 user and have not yet installed the update KB4559309, we can give you a different advice. This advice is to download and install Chromium-based Edge on your computer before installing the update. In this way, this update will not have to install Edge and therefore your Windows 10 operating system will not slow down.


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