Update from The Ascent causes serious bug in Xbox and Windows 10 versions


The latest action RPG update, The Ascent, was supposed to fix a number of issues, but it seems to bring more bugs than fixes. Users who have downloaded the game on Xbox consoles and the Microsoft Store are complaining about serious drops in frame rate, which can be in the region of 10 frames per second.

Meanwhile, other players report that the equipment slot for hacking skills, the “cyberdeck”, has been completely unusable. “Has anyone lost their ability to hack turrets and ATMs? Because I lost it,” reports a user on Reddit.

Another player claims that he lost a save with 30 hours of gameplay and a high-level character after trying to enter a co-op session.

Bugs still include issues with achievements and game crashing

And the errors don’t stop there: there are players complaining that The Ascent is suddenly closing multiple times after the update, in addition to having encountered several problems with the game’s achievements.

At least the bugs with the achievements were recognized by the game’s official Twitter profile.

So far, this has been Neon Giant’s only public statement about the issues brought by the patch. For the time being, there is no forecast for a new update to address these issues and it is not known if it would be released for all platforms simultaneously.

Update arrived two weeks after being made available on Steam

The problematic update was released last Thursday (19) for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and the Microsoft Store version of The Ascent. It arrived almost two weeks after the same update was released for the game on Steam.

The idea was to include Ray Tracing and Nvidia DLSS technologies in the PC version of the game, in addition to providing bug fixes in co-op mode and in certain missions — in addition to providing greater stability for the game in general.

Even more serious is the fact that it promises to introduce a new system to handle situations where saved games could be corrupted. Which makes it even more ironic that the update itself is corrupting players’ saves.


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