Update from Porsche to delight 2020 model Taycan owners


2020 model Porsche Taycan owners will soon be able to take advantage of some of the features found in the 2021 model Taycan. This update will be delivered to vehicle owners free of charge; It brings along innovations such as advanced driving dynamics, smart charging features, development of navigation and entertainment system. The update shows that Porsche is following Tesla’s path in bringing new features to old vehicles.

The update gives the 2020 model Taycan owners wider possibilities in terms of charging. Vehicle owners will be able to see how full a battery they need to get to their destination if they indicate their charging request when they reach their destination. The new “battery saver charging” feature, on the other hand, increases the charging capacity from 270 kW to 200 kW. Thus, overheating and battery wear are prevented.

The new software also improves acceleration and driving dynamics. Taycan Turbo S can accelerate from 0 to 200 kilometers per hour in 9.6 seconds thanks to its improved slip control. Here, there is a 0.2 second improvement compared to the past. On the Taycan models with air suspension, it is possible to adjust the vehicle height with the Smartlift feature.

Another innovation brought by the update is the addition of lane-level information to the navigation system. Those who connect to the car with their Apple ID will be able to access the Apple Podcasts service and see the lyrics on Apple Music. Apple CarPlay now includes iPhone applications in Porsche Communication Management.

2020 model Porsche Taycan owners will now be able to access optional features. These features include driving aids such as Power Steering Plus, Active Lane Keeping System and Porsche InnoDrive.


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