Upcoming Horror Movies: All horror movies that will be released in 2022 and later


Attention, horror lovers, at the moment we are experiencing a terrifying but exciting revival of the genre. Supernatural ghost stories, fake blood, gore, and screamers are welcome all year round, and fortunately, we are planning to release many chilling horror films in the next few years. Whether it’s the return of popular franchises like “Scream” and “The Exorcist,” or original horror stories from Jordan Peele and M. Night Shyamalan, there are plenty of upcoming horror films to prepare for.

It is confirmed that a whole line of horror games will be available to our eyes from today, in the coming year and beyond. There’s still a lot of things ahead that haven’t made it to the calendar yet.

No – July 22 , 2022

Since the release of “Away” in 2017, Jordan Peele has established himself as a favorite name in the horror genre, and he is about to return in the original film titled “No.” The film that will follow 2019’s “We” starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Steven Yun. We don’t know much about the plot of the film and probably won’t know until it’s released. Nevertheless, the Nope trailer offers enough intrigue to interest us. Is Peel diving into alien movies in his next movie?

Bodies of the Body of the Body – August 5, 2022

A24 has become a studio well known for its unique horror films, from Midsommar to the recent X and Men. The studio’s next work in this genre is Bodies Bodies Bodies with the participation of Amandla Stenberg from The Hate U Give, Maria Bakalova from Borat, Rachel Sennott from Shiva Baby, Lee Pace and Pete Davidson. The upcoming film tells the story of a group of 20-year-olds who throw a party in a remote family mansion and play a party game that becomes deadly.

Production – August 5 , 2022

The history of the Predator franchise dates back 35 years. This summer, a backdoor movie from the Prey series will appear on Hulu. In the center of the plot of the film will be a young Comanche warrior woman named Naru, who wants to prove herself in front of her tribe. It will serve as the origin story of the Predator 300 years before the 1987 film. “Prey” was directed by Dan Trachtenberg from 10 Cloverfield Lane, and starring Roswell, Amber Midtander from New Mexico. You can watch the Prey trailer before the movie.

They / They are on August 5 , 2022 .

John Logan, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of such hits as “Skyfall,” “Gladiator” and “The Aviator,” is the director at the center of the Blumhouse horror film “Them/Them.” In the upcoming film, which will premiere on the Peacock channel, Kevin Bacon plays the leader of an LGBTQ+ conversion camp, and a mysterious killer is on the loose. It has been called a “queer empowerment story” because it will follow a number of stories about young people from different spectra of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as with slasher elements.

The Beast – August 19 , 2022

In what looks like a funny but disturbing monster thriller, a Monster appears. Idris Elba stars in the Universal film as Dr. Nate Samuels, the recently widowed father of two daughters (Ian Halley and Leah Jeffries), whom he takes on vacation to the African savannah. However, as soon as the family gets to South Africa, they are attacked by a ferocious lion hunting people. The film directed by “Everest and Drift” Baltasar Kormakur is expected in theaters this summer.

Don’t be afraid – August 26 , 2022

Recently, director Deon Taylor has been constantly making films such as “Fatal Blow”, “Black and Blue” and “The Intruder”. The director has returned to horror films for an upcoming film called “Don’t Be Afraid.” It’s about some unknown characters who go on holiday over the holiday weekend until it turns into a “nightmare” when a contagious aerial threat destroys everything, according to Variety. The film’s cast includes TI, Andrew Batchelor and Joseph Sikora, and it was shot in 17 days during the 2020 quarantine.

The lot of Salem — September 9 , 2022

Another Stephen King book is being remade after the success of projects such as the films “It”. “Annabel Comes Home” director Gary Doberman directs the adaptation of the 1975 novel “The Lot of Salem” starring Lewis Pullman, Mackenzie Lee, Bill Camp, Spencer Trit Clark, Alfrey Woodard, William Sadler and Pilu Asbeck. The story is about a writer who returns to his childhood home in search of inspiration and finds out that his hometown is haunted by a vampire.

Dark Harvest — September 9, 2022

David Slade is adapting the 2007 novel “Dark Harvest” after his work on the groundbreaking episode “Choose Your Own Adventure” “Black Mirror” — “Bandashmyg”. Norman Partridge’s book takes place on Halloween in 1963 and follows an October Boy, the face of an old hacksaw or also known as Sawtooth Jack.