Unveiled on Xbox Game Pass in 2020


Microsoft’s on-demand video game service, the main attraction of the ecosystem, will arrive from day one on Xbox Series X packed with games.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, announced during the last episode of Gary Whitta’s Animal Talking that his on-demand video game service, Xbox Game Pass, still has announcements to be revealed for this year. After the Xbox Games Showcase that we learned about future Xbox Series X releases, there was a common denominator in them: they will all arrive on Xbox Game Pass. More surprises are on the way.

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X, “a great value proposition”

In the conversation with the Whitta, writer, designer and journalist of video games, he has also reflected on the delay of Halo Infinite to 2021 and how quiet his next generation console will be; But hopeful news for the future Xbox Series X buyer is also coming from Xbox Game Pass: “We have some really good, strong announcements coming to Xbox Game Pass,” he says. It has not given clues as to what it may be.

At the July event, just before we started, the first big surprise was released: Dragon Quest XI S will arrive on Xbox One in December and will do so by debuting on its subscription service from day one. However, Xbox Series X will hit stores in November accompanied by “thousands of games” thanks to backward compatibility and this service, which from September will incorporate the game from the cloud (xCloud) at no cost to all subscribers of the modality Ultimate from Android devices.

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“What you will see of us around the launch of the console, frankly, will not change too much because you are going to hear a lot of things from the console and Game Pass; how we think of these two things together as a highly valuable proposition for players who make the leap to the new generation ”, he concludes.

Xbox Series X will hit the market worldwide in November at an undetermined price and with a similarly unknown in-store launch catalog at this time. Soon we will leave doubts and we will know if, finally, that mention of “Xbox Series S” on the boxes of the new controls is or not an error.


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