Unusual PS5 Concept with Removable Fan Cover (Video)


A new PS5 concept has been shared that combines imagination, leaks and expectations. Designed by VR4Player, the concept offers a very different view of the PS5 than ever before.

While Sony has revealed the technical features of the PS5 console and the new joystick called DualSense to date, no concrete information has yet come about the design of the console. As a result, fans started to offer unique concepts by combining their own suggestions and imaginations.

A new design shared by VR4Player on YouTube reveals a very stylish looking PS5 concept that is compatible with the DualSense joystick. Designers also offer different color options, including the Spider-Man version, for the concept they designed mainly in white color such as DualSense.

A truly successful PS5 concept
What makes this PS5 concept different from others is its largely unique design. Most PS5 concepts come with rectangular designs inspired by the developer kit. However, the design of the VR4Player comes with a concept that expands on the sides and curves on the front. Featuring black highlights and blue LED lighting, the white design matches the DualSense arm.

The cooling cover on the top is one of the most important details. The center panel of the PS5 concept can be removed and under it is a large fan with LED lighting. Thus, the cooling system of the PS5 is exposed.

VR4Player’s PS5 concept also includes the new Dualsense controller and redesign the PSVR glasses. Although Sony says the next generation PSVR will not come with the PS5, it seems that the concept makers do not want to break the team.

If it’s not a white console you’re looking for, there is also an option that has a completely black look. On the other hand, a red version exclusive to Spider-Man is also offered. Sony had brought games-specific designs to its consoles in the past, and on the next-generation PS5, we can see a special design for the next Marvel’s Spider-Man game.

With a special live event on May 7, we will be looking at Xbox Series X games for the first time, and a similar move may come soon by the PS5. Both consoles are expected to be released later this year. New generation consoles; it will offer improvements such as fast load times, 8K support, and ray tracing.

VR4Player’s PS5 concept:


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