Unusual: Funny parrot fell in love with it mistress!


Besides dogs and cats, some have an unusual creature as their pet … Like this parrot, in love with its mistress!

Animals sometimes form special bonds with us human beings. Like this parrot, which seems to adore its mistress. An unusual story and rather moving in itself.

Tiko, this little parrot from Costa Rica, made his mistress happy. A love for the least reciprocal between the two beings.

Indeed, this bird expert tamed the latter, who fell madly in love with her. Told in 30 million friends, mentioned on RTL, this unusual story may move you.

Joanna, ornithologist is passionate about birds of all kinds. Especially seagulls, which she studies a lot.

She also has in her company a beautiful bird, whose warbling is matched only by its plumage. A green and red dress, dotted with blue on the wings and head.

It’s a change from the cat or the dog, after all … An unusual pet, much more touching than a reptile or a snake!


If this very cute animal made her mistress happy, it was no less careful for her. It must be said that a bond has been created between them two.

When her first mistress was ill, it quickly took a toll on Tiko’s morale. The parrot was starting to be in a bad mood.

Joanna fell in love with this 36-year-old bird! It was all in the ’80s, and back then it was a bit rarer to have this kind of animal in your home.

From her first meeting with Joanna, Tiko fell in love with her! While staring into space, he bared himself and let the young woman approach him.

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However, for nearly five years, the parrot had a few fits of anger, even trying to pinch Joanna with the tip of the beak! Fortunately, she manages to coax him!

Not with his favorite foods, but with his caresses, which made him completely gaga. Dead at the age of 69, Tiko is one of the oldest captive parrots in the world.

Capturing the attention of 30 million friends, this quirky critter even got its own story, written by Joanna: The Parrot Who Loved Me. It’s cute !


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