Unusual: chocolate eclair a great option for healthy snack?


It may sound unusual to you, but you can afford to be greedy despite your diet. We tell you more. Does enjoying a gourmet snack without gaining weight seem unusual to you?

Let’s go for this second week of confinement! We resume teleworking, sometimes sport but perhaps also some bad habits.

If you love to snack but made a commitment to put in an effort this time around, we’ve got good news for you. It may seem unusual but you can be greedy without putting on pounds.

And we know how frustrating to deprive yourself of your snack because you want to lose weight can become! While confinement is already very stressful, we are not going to take away this little pleasure.

Do not panic. We can completely enjoy our afternoon tea at 4 p.m. while keeping the line. Unusual, but possible! Here’s how.


Not all cakes are created equal! It may seem unusual to you, but some cakes are lower in calories than others. Eh yes !

Note, however, that calories can vary from recipe to recipe. But chocolate eclair is 250 calories per 100 grams.

While banana bread is 315 calories per 100 grams! Of course, the difference is not huge.

But you can get rid of the chocolate eclair in 25 minutes of running. It will take you over half an hour to get rid of the banana bread. It is therefore preferable to choose a chocolate eclair rather than a banana bread.

And above all, in 5 days you will also have saved 325 grams! But we do not advise you to eat an eclair a day! What an unusual idea …

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So obviously we must not go overboard! MCE TV therefore clears any kilograms taken after reading this article.


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