Untitled Goose Game sneaks into Fall Guys


The goose and a couple of neighbors from Untitled Goose Game sneak into Fall Guys. The first is already available for five crowns each piece.

Fall Guys and Untitled Goose Game join forces. As part of the tributes made by the battle royale, the most popular goose on the internet comes to the game from this very moment. Two additional outfits will be added shortly after, one for the gardener and one for the boy with glasses.

In the case of the goose, the suit is already available in the ingame store. Both the top and bottom costs 5 crowns per piece. You will also find a gesture from the game with sound effects. Yes, you will be able to shout HONK during games with it equipped. The other two suits will come later.

The House House Games icon participates shortly after SEGA did the same with Sonic. The blue hedgehog is already walking through the Fall Guys tests with another of the icons of Pop culture: Godzilla.

Past and Present of Fall Guys

Season 2 completed its first month on November 8. Medieval fever enshrouded the characters in multiple themed costumes. Who would imagine a 100-person assault on a castle? It is possible in your crazy tests.

In our analysis, we said that Fall Guys is “immediate, direct, unpretentious and uncomplicated fun.” The simplicity of its proposal is a success that is hampered by “the lack of tests, modes, options and customization objects. Among the many playable errors we pointed out “problems with jumps and grabs”. Of course, the problems do not stop a “very promising and fun” game. “Its creators are aware of everything and have announced a good number of free updates for the next few months. Until they arrive, you have to take this as a mere starting point ”, we concluded.

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Fall Guys is available on PS4 and PC. During its launch it participated in the PS Plus catalog. You will be able to know all the tricks of the game here.


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