Unreal Engine Game Engine in GMC Hummer EV


Epic Games announced today that the Unreal Engine game engine will be featured in General Motors’ anticipated electric truck GMC Hummer EV. The game engine will run the infotainment system of the truck.

The United States-based automobile giant General Motors has announced the date it will introduce its new electric van that will raise Hummer from its ashes. The company would finally present its pick-up truck, which will debut under the name GMC Hummer EV, to the world with its launch on October 20.

The van, which combines the iconic Hummer design with innovative electric car design, has attracted the attention of all of us with the visuals and promotional videos published so far. If the introduction of the truck on October 20 was a little while, new details about the truck began to emerge.

The truck will feature Unreal Engine game engine:

Epic Games, the giant name of the game world, made a post about the infotainment system of GMC Hummer EV. The company shared that the game engine Unreal Engine will be used in the system in GMC Hummer EV. Thus, Unreal Engine entered the automobile industry for the first time.

Details such as version information about the Unreal Engine, which will be featured in the vehicle whose introduction is longed for, has not been shared. However, Epic Games announced that the launch time of the vehicle will be fast and the infotainment system will have powerful graphics as well as wireless updates.

GMC Hummer EV, which will host a system powered by the Unreal Engine game engine, shared in its previous statements that the vehicle will have a power of 1,000 horsepower and can go from 0 to 100 in just 3 seconds. In other words, GMC Hummer EV would be no different from a sports car, even if it appeared as a pickup truck.

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General Motors has released a new promotional video for its gigantic electric truck the other day. In the video titled ‘Silent Revolution Is Coming’, the phrase ‘The world’s first electric super truck’ was used for the GMC Hummer EV. It was also stated in the trailer that the truck would destroy all expectations.


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