Unreal Engine decision in the Epic and Apple fight


In the fight that broke out between Epic Games and Apple about 10 days ago, different fronts are opening. The court issued a restraining order against Apple to protect Epic’s game engine, Unreal Engine.

In fact, Epic had applied to the court to stop all the steps Apple took against it due to the new payment system. Although the company primarily intended to bring Fortnite back to the App Store, it didn’t get what it wanted.

The decision taken by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers gives a clue of what will happen between the two companies in the upcoming period. Rogers has made clear in his decision that he does not agree with Epic’s concerns and complaints along the Fortnite axis.

Rogers, who did not mention the loss of prestige that Fortnite might suffer while not being on iOS, stated that the damage suffered by Epic was not “irreparable”. Rogers also stated that Epic can temporarily withdraw its own payment system and wait for the result during the litigation process, so that Fortnite can return to iOS again.

Unreal Engine decided in favor of Epic Games. Apple’s decision to cut Epic Games’ access to developer tools by the end of this week also put Unreal Engine in jeopardy. However, the court eliminated this possibility. Rogers said that the two companies are free to take injunction against each other; However, he stated that the applications made could not affect the people and institutions who were impartial in the incident. This means that Epic is not a threat to developers using the Unreal Engine game engine.

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The legal battle between Epic and Apple seems to continue for a while. It will not be a surprise to encounter such decisions that will change the course from time to time in this struggle.


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