Unprecedented iPhone 12 can be lifted into mini rack


Technology giant Apple has managed to reach serious sales figures with the iPhone 12 series it has launched. Apple, which came before the user with 4 different models including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, made the most striking change by switching to a design with sharp and angular lines used in the latest iPhone 5 series. Apple, which received positive feedback from users with its new design, is apparently preparing to unplug the iPhone 12 mini, the smallest member of the series.

iPhone 12 mini sales quite low

Despite being the most affordable model of the series, Apple will stop the production of the iPhone 12 mini model in the second quarter of 2021 due to the low market demand and global sales. The iPhone 12 mini, which accounts for only 6% of the total sales of the iPhone 12 series, was the least-selling model in the series despite its affordable price and flagship features.

The most important reason why the iPhone 12 mini model lags behind the other models in the sales figures is the various campaigns made by Apple for its old models. With these campaigns, Apple, especially by selling the iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone 11 models at low prices, significantly increased the sales of these models, naturally causing people to turn to these models. According to the reports, these campaigns caused the iPhone 12 mini model to remain in the background in sales figures.

According to analyst William Yang; Apple has already reduced the production of the iPhone 12 mini model by 2 million and increased the production number of the iPhone 12 Pro model, which is very satisfied with the sales figures. Considering all these developments, the iPhone 12 mini will be one of Apple’s shortest-lived smartphones.

After this decision of Apple, all eyes turned to the iPhone 13 series, which will come later this year. As it is known, the iPhone 13 series, which will come with 4 different models just like the iPhone 12 series, will launch an updated smartphone series that will have the same names and the same screen sizes. Frustrated with the iPhone 12 mini model, Apple will wait and see how it will follow the iPhone 13 mini model.

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