Unpleasant detail from Apple on privacy


Data privacy is a nuisance especially for technology companies. Giant companies such as Facebook and Google are criticized and questioned for data privacy. Apple also has criticisms on this issue, but with iOS 14, it made a privacy move in the focus of iPhones. After that, it was revealed that Apple was tracking hidden location.

Apple’s secret location tracking raises doubts

Apple iPhones stood out with the privacy move in focus. iPhone users who have installed the iOS 14 version can see which application collects data and when.

For example, if you will post on Instagram, you are informed that your camera or microphone is being used by the green light on the top right of the phone.

Apple focuses on privacy, but security researchers say it does not adhere to its 100 percent transparency policy. According to experts, Apple watches iOS devices without users realizing it.

Saying that Apple captures and saves data to reach frequently visited locations in its data pool, experts state that this is a feature that is turned off in the settings.

While Apple is collecting that data to provide a seemingly seamless user experience, you can turn it off in Settings> Privacy> Location Services> System Services> Time Zone Adjustment. Here you can view and close applications that collect other information.

Still, it is alarming that Apple does not explicitly tell the user that such data is collected, despite the fact that it is doing so much on data privacy.

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