Unpacking Players Confuse GameCube With Kitchen Item


GameCube: The indie game Unpacking brings a different proposal, which involves unpacking various items to decorate your new home. However, one of them is confusing some newer players: the famous GameCube.

In the Witch Beam game, you can find a GameCube to make your living room or bedroom look more modern, but some people are leaving the Nintendo video game in environments like the kitchen – and that ends up hindering progress, because if you put something in a place it doesn’t belong, it can’t move to the next step.

“We’re getting a lot of messages from gamers asking what this [GameCube] is. Often the photos they send us show the console in the kitchen because they think it is some kind of appliance”, revealed Wren Brier, the game’s creative director, to the Polygon website.

Even on Twitter there were messages from people asking for help in identifying what videogames are, as shown below:

Unpacking is available in PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch versions.