Unorthodox Season 1 Review


Living in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community, Esty focuses on the strict rules of escape from this world and the struggle for existence in the outside world, Unorthodox is a four-part mini-series adapted by the screenplay by the German actress-director Maria Schrader. Before mentioning the series, it may be necessary to talk about New York, Williamsburg, the region where Esty also lives, where the strictly conservative Jewish population lives. Williamsburg is one of the most interesting regions of New York, which already contains a tremendous cultural diversity. This region, where people from different classes and the world live, is a campus of alternative genres such as hype, electro music, indie rock, which is known as Berlin of New York for a while. This neighborhood, in which modern life sees its cultural high, is the same place that rejects many things about modern life, everything from technology to clothing, social norms to food, is organized according to religious rules, a place where a totally different conservative, orthodox Jewish community lives in a completely different reality. time. We are talking about a community that does not give women a say in almost any subject, where it is almost impossible for women to find a place in education and business life, and that only plays the role of a mother and housewife.

Unorthodox opens the story on an ordinary day in Williamsburg. We meet our main character, Esty, who lives in this commune, which is interesting because of the fact that a consistent life is flowing on the one hand and that it can exist side by side with the modern one. We understand that Esty has planned an escape to defy his destiny in the neighbor and is about to do so. The series follows the path that Esty escapes from the commune and goes to Germany, where his mother is also home. From this point on, he divides his narrative into two separate time periods. In one, we watch the past story, which conveys why Esty escaped to the audience. In other words, we focus on the story of how Esty lived when he was in this commune, how he was under pressure and lived after getting married at an early age. Esty’s escape undoubtedly creates unrest in his family, in her husband’s family and in the community. Rabbi master argues that this escape will be a bad example for other women, and he is responsible for finding Esty’s husband Yakov and his cousin Moische to find Esty whatever. From this point on, the series is mostly concerned with past trips, the life Esty is trying to rebuild in Berlin, and the effort to deal with those who are after.

Unorthodox Season 1: Who I Am, if i am not me?

Unorthodox tries to look at this dark religious community from the inside as much as possible while establishing the narrative of Esty’s escaped commune, and to convey this community and its rules to its audience in a documentary style. The presence of patriarchal authority, which criticizes the pressure set on Esty by her husband’s family, that Esty and of course other women in the neighbor are considered as a baby machine, does not tolerate the appearance of women’s hair, therefore, scraping women’s hair and forcing them to wear wigs or cover them up. The series reveals strongly. However, at no point does it demonize this community completely. He chooses to tell his audience why they live in this way, what they believe and how they choose such a life. We watch that Esty’s perception of the outside world is gradually expanding during the series. Despite living in New York, Esty, who has never been out of his own community and Williamsburg, is experiencing a serious cultural shock with what he encounters in a city like Berlin. Although it has turned into a shock that has led him to question everything he believes to date, Esty also maintains his own value judgments and tries not to lose his identity with the words “Who am I not”. From a community where sexuality is only associated with reproduction, the coming of the atmosphere of a modern city, where almost unbroken taboos remain, is in a sense confusing his mind. Esty, who never forgives her mother who lives in Berlin because she has left her, and has never thought of asking for help, is also a young woman who is talented in music with piano and singing thanks to her private lessons. He finds the environment in which he can evaluate this talent in Berlin, at the conservatory. So she finds a way out to survive in Berlin without needing anyone, including her mother. With his friendship with the students he met at the conservatory and the mind that a conservatory teacher gave him, Esty is trying to get a scholarship provided to special students. On the other hand, we see that the pursuing Yakov and Moische are following him in Berlin.


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