Unorthodox and the new Netflix miniseries you must see


Taking only a few hours of your time you will be able to see from start to finish these productions that are giving something to talk about

The way we watch series has evolved dramatically in recent years , not only because we now do it from our computer or any mobile device, choosing when and where to watch them while we have complete freedom to choose about the pauses, advances and setbacks that we will take. during viewing.

In addition to that, you must also have noticed that the most popular series from a short time ago, had long numbers of episodes for different seasons and, although several of them managed to hook us to the end, the current life that moves us so quickly from one side by side, it has created another possibility, which has reached the peak of popularity.

It is a format where productions have a reduced number of chapters and a duration that is often less than 60 minutes , Netflix has bet on this alternative and it has worked wonderfully. Since there have been several successes using these mechanisms.

Keep reading and find out which are the mini series that you cannot miss on this platform , take advantage of these days at home to take a look at them and create your own opinion. Of course, you better start watching them now so you don’t find spoilers later.

A story based on a real case where Deborah Feldman is a girl who manages to escape from the culture where she has grown up, while showing us some of the biggest difficulties she had to face as part of her own liberation as a woman, one of them being minimization. who suffers from the religion that dominates where he was born.

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El inicio de una “nueva vida”

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Two strangers will undergo a medical test for a pharmaceutical study, during which they must experience the effect of a very particular drug, which will lead them to experience problems from a vision dominated by their hallucinations.

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You still drink gimlets?

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Another production that Netflix has developed based on a true story, this time it presents the story of an African American woman who broke with the schemes and became a leader in beauty products, being a clear example of perseverance and its significance in for entrepreneurship.

A girl of Irish origin leaves her country and sets out on an adventure to Canada, where she will start working as a family maid, however, the death of the couple she serves will lead her to face a trial where she is accused of the death of both.

A story based on the Central Park brokerage case that exposes the way the United States judicial system works, showing the consequences this causes for those who were accused of being responsible for the crime and their families.

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