Unobstructed Off-Road Vehicle That Provides Comfortable Adventures: BigBo


A Russian company has successfully reached the end of the start-up project BigBo, which started in 2014. The vehicle, which was started to be produced for commercial sales, deserved the attention and praise with its comfort, power and capabilities.

A new company from Kostroma, Russia has developed a vehicle compatible with all types of terrain called BigBo. The vehicle, which can be described as a covered ATV, provides uninterrupted travel across various terrains and offers the driver a high level of comfort.

BigBo started officially developing in 2014, as the first tasks were determined and the first drafts were introduced by experts. After the labor-filled time, the Russian venture project finally gave its fruit. The land vehicle, which was acquired even though it was intended from the beginning, started to be produced successfully for commercial sales.

Here are the video of BigBo’s off-road vehicle:

BigBo likes to explore the beauty of nature in untouched natural areas; It is produced for those who want to camp in corrupt places away from the city. In order to travel to places where nature is not familiar to man, a lot of land equipment is usually required. BigBo, however, overcomes obstacles on its own, offering flawless adventures for nature-loving drivers.

Does not reduce comfort when piercing mountains
While the developers of BigBo talked about the comfort and power of the vehicle, “The pleasure of sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle, having the power to overcome obstacles in difficult terrain easily, the pleasure of driving the vehicle cannot really be described. As it is explained in a saying: seeing once is better than hearing a thousand times. ” BigBo is defined as a unique ATV with a modular system, adorning the dreams of adventurers. The vehicle is not only an off-road vehicle, a swamp truck, or an amphibious car; it also deserves the title of a high comfort car with its special suspension and interior design.


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