Uno game in several versions for you to play with friends


Darling among many people, the game Uno turned 50 recently, and even with so much time on the market, entertainment has not failed to innovate and bring a direct design and even new formats, such as Uno Minimalist Black, Uno Stacko and Uno Spin.

Uno’s card game is also popularly known for “breaking up” friendships. This is because the game has impressive twists, which can lift the spirits of some players – although it usually ends in a friendly manner.

Uno has a simple rule: whoever folds his hand first wins the game. But of course, strategies can be put in place to make the game last longer and become even more fun.

Are you looking for a new Uno to have fun with friends? Then check the list of alternative versions that we have separated from the Uno card game.

Uno Minimalist Black Game

With a unique look and minimalist aesthetic, Uno Black is a great gift for Uno collectors – and there are many out there. The simplistic look is predominantly black (as the name suggests) and was designed by designer Warleson Oliveira.

The game mode is traditional and that many already know: players start with a number of cards and discard them on the table, determining the partner’s next move.

Play Uno Stacko

Also known as Jenga Uno, this format is quite different and combines the ability to stack with the fun of this traditional card game. Uno Stacko brings different colors and numbers that must be stacked and removed gradually – by color, number or command.

The idea of the traditional Uno is also present here: the objective is to try to use the mechanisms of the game to test the patience of your opponents.

Play Uno Spin

Uno Spin has a different format that changes the game a bit. The spin card makes the wheel spin and a single lap can completely change the course of the game. The players who were in last place can go to the lead, and those who were at the top can fall quickly.

Uno Emojis Game

Uno Emojis has the same rules as the traditional game, with the exception of one: specific cards require players to maintain hilarious emoji expressions. This changes the dynamics of the game and makes it even more fun.

The first player or team that reaches 500 points (or releases all cards), wins the game.

Uno Game for PC

Have you ever thought about playing Uno online with friends? This is a good option at a time when many cannot leave home. The rules are the same as the traditional game, requiring players to have strategy and patience to win the game.

The online game Uno is available for PC and can support up to four players at the same time. It is worth mentioning that the game is completely free and can even be experienced with players from around the world.


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