Most Unnecessary Access Requests Are Removed From Google Play


Google started implementing new rules for apps in 2018 in 2019, and the results of this app were finally made public by the company. Google has removed almost all of the apps on Google Play that require unnecessary access from the platform.

Malware is known as one of the biggest technological problems in the modern world. This type of software; It puts users’ privacy, security, financial savings and many more rights at risk. Some software is used for information stealing, while others can even be used for material theft. Competent technology companies are constantly making improvements to prevent the spread of malicious applications, software and files.

Google announced that 98% of the malicious apps found on Google Play that track people’s searches and messages were removed from the platform in 2019. The company noted that there are some apps on the platform that still can’t work without accessing messages and calls.

Cleaning started after the warning in 2018
Google announced in 2018 that apps that asked for permission to access calls and messages will be removed from Google Play. The company gave 90 days for app developers to adapt to this new decision. In this process, some developers have adapted their applications to this rule. On the other hand, Google started uninstalling applications that did not comply with the rule in 2019. The result Google announced recently was as follows: 98% of the applications requiring unnecessary access on Google Play have been removed.

According to the company’s statements on February 11, the remaining 2% was left on the platform because it consists of applications that require message and search access to provide basic functions. Other than that, they adapted to the rules so as not to be removed from the platform, and the remaining applications are expected to follow the rules.

Thanks to Google Play Protect, all kinds of harmful applications are filtered
Although it does not violate these rules, there are some applications that pose risk and steal information for users. Google; It also banned 790,000 applications from the platform, including these malicious applications of fake VPN, anti-virus and games.

While continuing with its statements, Google stated that a total of 1.9 billion malicious applications were removed from Google Play in 2019. The number of harmful applications leaking information from user phones in the previous year was 1.6 billion. According to the company, Google Play Protect has done a great job against such apps in the past three years. The company said the following about the security service that protects the platform: “Google Play Protect scans more than 100 billion applications a day to provide users with warnings about potential security issues and informs them to keep their devices safe.”


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