Unlocked for DYDX: Airdrop rewards reached $ 50 thousand


Decentralized exchange dYdX has today lifted the locks for the DYDX token, which it airdropped to past users of the platform. The token also started to be listed on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges quickly.


The price of DYDX was mixed in the stock markets. At one point the price climbed as high as $30 and then stabilized at $11.

Thanks to the DYDX airdrop, some users have earned over $50,000. To qualify for the airdrop, it was necessary to transact on the platform at least once in the past three years.

7.5 percent of the token supply was reserved for the airdrop. Users with high transaction volume on the platform were entitled to receive more tokens, while a total of 64 thousand addresses benefited from the airdrop.

First listed on OKEx

OKEx became the first exchange to list DYDX on the spot market. While depositing money in the stock market was started at 12.00 today, trading started at 19.00.

Commissions have also been reset to zero on all DYDX trading pairs on OKEx. The exchange announced that for one month, both taker and maker fees will be zero for all users.

Similarly, platforms such as Uniswap have issued their own tokens and airdropped them to former users.