Unlock kill streaks in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


We tell you what are the kill streaks available in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and how to unlock them. Treyarch proposes a new system.

There have been few topics that we have covered in our Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War guide. All the weapons, all the maps, the best equipment… As you can see, in it you will find all the necessary elements to succeed in the multiplayer of the success of Treyarch.

This time we focus solely on the kill streaks. Black Ops Cold War includes a fairly outstanding novelty based on the mechanics. Know what they are, how they are unlocked and what considerations you have to make.

Contrary to the history of the series, Treyarch has modified the behavior of the kill streaks. They are no longer unlocked by chaining kills without dying, but instead accumulate as if it were a chain throughout the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War kill streaks and how to unlock them

Have you played Modern Warfare 3? The specialist branch did the exact same thing, even allowing us to constantly combine UAVs and response UAVs. This year all the points you earn will be added to your locker; once you complete the necessary points to unlock one, you can make use of it.

In order not to break the system, the kill streaks have a refresh rate, that is, they need a recharge period after using it, ranging from 1 minute to 2 minutes, with the exception of Air Patrol, which does not have.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War kill streaks and how to unlock them

Chaining kills will add a point multiplier that will reward you with a push, but nothing more. Now you can have more streaks and use them multiple times.

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Bow of combat: 500 points and 120 seconds of recharge | The arrows burn the targets and the surrounding area.

RC-XD: 800 points and 90 seconds of recharge | Remote control car loaded with explosives.

Spy plane: 1000 points and 90 seconds of recharge | Show enemy positions through the fog of war.

Counterintelligence plane: 1200 points and 60 seconds of reload | Interfere with enemy minimaps and briefly disable enemy missile turrets.

Armor: 1600 points and 120 second recharge | Reduces ballistic damage. It is destroyed after absorbing a lot of damage.

Help package: 1800 points and 90 seconds of recharge | You get a random point streak from an airdrop. The box self-destructs after use.

Sentinel Turret: 2000 points and 60 seconds of reload | Deploy a deadly automatic turret that targets enemy players, vehicles and equipment.

Napalm attack: 2100 points and 30 second recharge | Launch a targeted saturation barrage of explosive napalm.

Artillery: 2500 points and 30 seconds of reload | Launch 3 artillery strikes. Unused attacks can be reserved for later.

Cruise missile: 2600 points and 90 seconds of reload | Command a trio of missiles with speed and speed controls. Secondary missiles will automatically fire at marked targets.

Air Patrol: 3200 points and 0 second reload | Call in a squad of fighters to attack enemy air point streaks. Fight back against enemy air patrols.

War Machine: 3500 Points and 60 Second Reload | High explosive grenade launcher.

Attack helicopter: 4000 points and 60 seconds of recharge | Request an armed support helicopter.

Helicopter Gunner: 6000 points and 60 seconds reload | Be a gunner in a close air support helicopter.

VTOL escort: 8500 points and 90 seconds of reload | Destroy enemy infantry and vehicles at the controls of a powerful VTOL fighter.

Gunship aircraft: 10,000 points | Be a gunner on a close air support gunship aircraft.


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