How to Unlock Your iPhone with Face ID with Mask


Did you know that you can turn on your iPhone when you are masked with Face ID on days when the use of masks becomes important due to coronavirus? Researchers from Tencent Security Xianwu Lab have released a method on how you can open your iPhone while masked.

Due to the coronavirus spreading all over the world in a short time, it is quite risky to go around without a mask today. While wearing a mask, a problem has been greatly impacted by some smartphone users. Smart phones are no longer able to read people’s faces.

While this is currently the case for all smartphones, Xianwu Lab, part of Tencent Security, has found a fairly simple method for iPhone users. Thanks to this method, iPhone users can unlock the phone using Face ID while wearing their masks.

How to use Face ID when masked:
According to the method developed by Xianwu Lab, you need to fold the mask as above to make your iPhone recognize you with the mask. After folding the mask and putting both straps on your face in one ear, you should open the Face ID application of your iPhone and press the ‘Reset Face ID’ option.

Of course, in this case, you can see that Face ID does not completely detect your face, but according to researchers, Face ID can recognize you from a certain angle. So, make sure to adjust your head or phone until Face ID detects your face so that Face ID recognizes the open part of your face. Then do this for the other half of your face.

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After both sides of your face have been successfully scanned by Face ID, remove the mask and try to unlock your phone with your face open. Then try to unlock the phone after you put the mask on your face normally and see if your iPhone can be opened with a mask.

According to the researchers at Xianwu Lab, this method has very high success rates even on iPhone 11 models, but the researchers did not pass without stating that this method may not work from time to time. One of the biggest reasons why this method does not work is the mask type.

According to the post shared by the researchers, this method, which you have officially deceived Face ID, may not be valid for all masks. According to the article, this method is not particularly useful for masks that contain filters and cannot be folded, such as N95 masks.


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