Unlimited will be in Ceará and will have 18 people


After confirmation at the end of February, that the successful reality show in the early 2000s No Limite will win a new edition in 2021, Globo released new information about the program, which will have 18 participants.

A novelty previously disclosed by Rede Globo and Boninho – director of Big Brother Brasil – is that the participants in the new edition of No Limite will be ex-BBBs.

Now, the broadcaster has confirmed that the new reality show will be recorded in Ceará, the same location where the previous four editions were held and will feature 11 episodes. The premiere will be on May 11 and will be on air until July.

Participants will be divided into 3 groups of six members, and will compete for the final prize that has not yet been announced by the broadcaster.

Rede Globo’s announcement focused on the advertising market where the company released the models and values ​​of sponsorship quotas for the reality show. The main shares have values ​​ranging from 15 million to $ 30 million.

What was the reality show like?

Based on the North American program Survivor, No Limite premiered on July 23, 2000. In the Brazilian version, participants were confined to an inhospitable part of the country, and there they were divided into two tribes.

Each group received a basic kit with utensils to survive. Throughout the episodes, people needed to complete a series of tests before reaching the grand final, which featured a new round of physical and psychological tests.

Always shown on Sundays after Fantástico, No Limite had four editions: one in 2000, two in 2001 and the last one in 2009.


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