Unlike rivals, Apple TV + grows only 10% with quarantine


Although Apple released a forecast that, by 2028, its streaming service would have around 95 million subscribers, Apple TV + did not perform well with the quarantine, registering a very low number of new subscriptions.

Other services like HBO, Netflix and Disney +, on the other hand, declared that only between the 14th and 16th of this month, they already had a significant increase in the number of subscriptions.

Given the recommendations for the population to stay at home, many people decided to do activities that occupy their free time – such as subscribing to streaming services to watch films, series and documentaries.

In the case of Apple TV +, the platform grew 10% – a high, but far below rivals. Disney +, in turn, recorded a 300% increase in subscriptions. HBO comes next, with 90%. Netflix also benefited from new subscriptions, registering an increase of 47%.

Considering these numbers, new subscriptions on Apple TV + are far below average. According to the Phonearena website, the limited catalog may have been one of the reasons why the streaming service was left out.

In addition, Apple TV + still does not have highly successful productions, such as Stranger Things or Game of Thrones, while the platform bets suffer from delays and low receptivity by the public and critics.

Connecting the dots, it seems that the reputation of this service is falling. However, it is worth mentioning that Apple TV + grants 6 months of free use with each new activation of a branded product. Thus, it is not possible to determine precisely whether the public interest has actually decreased or if potential subscribers are already using the service for free.


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