University: students soon to be vaccinated against Covid-19


In a column, Le Monde said why it was imperative to vaccinate university students against Covid-19. Over a year now that Covid-19 has existed and is changing our lives. Yet we can hope to see the end of the tunnel with the arrival of the vaccine. Still, everyone should be able to do it. Journalists from Le Monde have just given advice: vaccinate university students.

Because yes, given the low number of doses, for the moment, the youngest do not go into priority. For the moment, only people over 75 and at risk are entitled to the famous bite. This is understandable given that the disease is wreaking havoc on them.

However, it seems that this is not the right solution against the virus. Vaccinating university students should also be a priority for Le Monde.

The reason ? The fact that some drop out because of this situation. And the fact that they have to stay at home. By vaccinating students in large numbers, this spiral could stop:

“To fight against the dropout of the most vulnerable, we must be able to welcome them as quickly as possible within universities. This therefore goes through the vaccine.


Of course, such a statement is divisive. Some would say that students don’t need a vaccine. Since the disease remains better “tolerated” by the latter than by the elderly. But if Le Monde gives this advice, it is also to restart Education, which is in a delicate situation.

But for journalists, it is especially important to vaccinate the most psychologically fragile. This therefore goes through university students: “We must immediately offer vaccines to all psychologically vulnerable people. And the most fragile students fall into this category ”.

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It remains to be seen whether the advice of Le Monde will be heard. Well if the doses will arrive as soon as possible. But when we see how quickly the vaccination campaign is unfolding, we have reason to have doubts.

Hopefully that changes and that university students can quickly return to the benches of the amphitheater.


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